7Wonders 2017

COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency launched its first annual SA Bachelor & Bachelorette of the Year in 2011. This year will mark the 7th annual competition.
The competition was started to find South Africa’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette, someone who encompasses brains, beauty, entrepreneurship and the spirit of Ubuntu. It is NOT a match-making competition, NOR a beauty pageant, but a competition where individuals who want to bring about change can make a difference and create awareness through charity or community work.

Successful candidates are chosen country-wide for judging. A carefully selected judging panel of individuals who are specialists in different fields select the cream of the crop to battle it out to become the next SA Bachelor and Bachelorette. The finalists will source their own sponsors, compete based on several challenges throughout the year, do their own fundraisers and media drives before the winners are announced at a red carpet formal event in November each year.

This year our theme for the competition is 7Wonders. This year we have introduced 5 new categories.By celebrating the 7th year of the competition, we now have 7 different categories to compete in.


Entries for this year’s 7Wonders competition is now open! If you have what it takes be sure to enter this year’s competition, ENTER NOW!

This year we have opened it up for ALL AGES 16 and up! Look at the section below on the different categories you can compete in. For the Talent Search category, no age limit applies.


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During the past 6 years we have raised in excess of R700 000 for various charities. NGO’s we supported in the past include: Jacaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes, Berg-en-Dal, Foodbank SA, Amadea Safe house, Cansa and their TLC Homes.

As always we will continue supporting childhood and breast cancer awareness and research. In South Africa, less than half of the children affected are diagnosed at an early stage and reach a treatment center in time. Many are diagnosed at an advanced stage of cancer with poorer treatment outcomes and almost half are never diagnosed and so do not receive any treatment. We are committed to childhood cancer support and awareness and believe ill children need and deserve as happy and normal a childhood as possible.

In 2014 COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency started the Survivor Shoot, a project we are very proud of. Our aim is to uplift and boost the spirits of ladies who have survived breast cancer. Once a  year we take a few very deserving ladies, spoil them to a weekend away including a beauty make-over and a professional photo-shoot, celebrating their beauty and strength. They also do a video-shoot where they in return share their stories to inspire people currently battling the illness.

This year our focus will remain on children and youth. In essence, we as a society are failing our children. Last year the competition started a countrywide charity- and awareness initiative, the TALK Initiative, based on Tolerance, Appreciation, Literacy and Kindness- to assist in building a more kind and gracious nation. This year we will continue with this initiative by assisting various NGO’s and continue our community outreach projects countrywide.


Our winners are all successful leaders who believe in the spirit of Ubuntu. They are idealistic individuals who devote their energy and time to the good that they want to do and the change they want to bring about.

They are altruistic, optimistic, extremely hard-working and see the world in a different light than others. They truly believe that the world, although not perfect, can be made into a much better place.

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We are thrilled to announce a judging panel almost as exciting as the competition itself. This year’s panel boasts an extraordinary list of leaders in the world of fashion, media, publicity, business, tourism and retail, as well as previous winners.

From the initial interview stage, successful candidates have a few weeks to prove why they belong in the semi-finals. An elimination process then determines the finalists for the year. The winners will be announced at a red-carpet Gala event in Johannesburg the first week in November.

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Sponsorship plays a huge role in our work to support charities, do outreach projects and stage world-class events. Without the support of our sponsors the competition would simply not be possible. Our sponsors not only offer financial support to the events, but operational support on the ground.

If you are interested in joining our ever-increasing list of generous sponsors, [please send us an email at info@c-stone.co.za

Please take a look at our valuable sponsors below and please also support them.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
Francis of Assisi